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This magazine that occupies itself with Hamburg for the most part exists since 1993/94.
I had seen other mags and wondered why there wasn't a magazine about Hamburg. So the mag was born.
Until today, 21 issues appeared. The mag was in b/w until 1997 and appeared bimonthly in a circulation of 800.
End of 1997 I took the next step: I put 24 color pages in the mag and raised the circulation. The 32 page magazine featured photos from Hamburg (extra pages about RAZOR and his crew COS), stuff from NYC, spain, switzerland and other countries. We were able to get interviews with DJ Coolman (5 Sterne Deluxe) and Kandy, who belongs to the writers who kept things going in Hamburg.
Since september 1998 there is a new issue. On 40 pages you can find a lot of photos from Hamburg, Berlin, the USA, spain and australia, to name but a few. As a special we have a comicstrip by Marcus/IFM that will bring you to tears. Daim and Tasek share their thoughts on graffiti. Show/RTA tells us stories from the past.
So keep your eyes open for the issue with the TASEK cover.
The latest issue appeared january 1999. The next issue is under construction and all I can say is 'bomb alert', because it looks like it's going to be a hot issue.
Apart from that ther'll be another sketch issue, so stay alert.
As a highlight for 1999 we are planning to do a Beastie Boyz graffiti video.

So keep quiet and look forward to these events!

Beastie Boyz Graffiti Magazin
c/o Da Source
Schauenburgerstrasse 4
20095 Hamburg


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