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ES (Evil Sons)-crew !

The EVIL SONS were created in 1992 by Duke (TCD).
Among the first members were Kewen (TCD), Daim, (TCD), Hesh (TDA) and Cario.
In the course of time more and more writers acknowleged their "dark side" e.g. Trol, Skena, Side, Mera, Davis, Tasek, Phaze, Seak, Igor, Naest, Snow, Wow and many more. What these writers have in common is their pursuit of 'evil' and the confession of their lunacy.
The EVIL SONS are not to be understood as a crew, but as a loose confederation of people with common thoughts. Many of the EVIL SONS do not even know each other and the number of members worldwide is completely unknown. In order to solve this dilemma, there will be a website by the end of '99 which will deal with this topic exclusively.



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