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With this act the Graffiti painting was started, of the man called later the KING OF STYLE, artists name KING ZACK and he entered the history of Hamburg graffiti painting.

1983 sketch

ZACK: "To me it was totally unimportant if I was one of the first writers in Hamburg, I painted for fun, I did not spray a lot, but I have always watched to spray for quality."

He sprayed his first walls in autumn '83 and was the man of the first hour, like ERIC, CISCO, SNAKE, JACE, DASE, MCKCD and some others.




His wild styles, his high level technique but also his characters inspired countless other sprayers.

When WILD STYLE hit the Hamburg cinemas in '84 it was the starting shot for Graffiti in Hamburg. There had been, indeed, some Graffiti before, but it was only after the film that the city became coloured.

ERIC: "When I see graffiti, I sense New York everywhere. One day I had seen the film WILD STYLE together with my father.
At that time I was hardly 16 years old and it was on a late show.
The very same night I went out and sprayed my first piece spelling "BREAK".
Just recently my father said to me: "if I had known what this film would trigger off, I would never have taken you to the cinema."

MORGENPOST newspaper article.



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