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Programing: Kevin Krause, MR
Photos: MR, die Künstler
Text: MR, Martin Zimmer, Barbara Uduwarella, Zak, Oliver Nebel, Coma
Translation: Neck, Herbert Nölting

Thanks to: Art-Crimes, Susan Farell, Mike, Barbara Uduwarella, Tasek, Trol, Eis, Eric, Kario, Davis, Romeo, Andy, Kandy, Zak, Razor, Gnom, Kits, Keats, Puma, Daddy Cool, Cask, Desk, Jepsy, Müll, Eva, Irie, Skena, Sali, Can Two, Bomber Johan, Marc-Oliver Heinze, Romeo, Frank Petering, Ren One and many more.

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Double-H. Hamburg Graffiti History.

This site is supposed to give an insight into the history of Hamburg graffiti, from its beginning until today.
It shows legal as well as illegal pieces from 1983 on. From trains to streetbombing, from big legal concept-walls to canvases: it is supposed to represent the wide-spread spectrum of Hamburg graffiti. Of course it can't display a complete inventory of all pieces, but through its big selection of graffiti artists from all of Hamburg's districts and surrounding suburbs it gives a big insight into the scene.
It also features pieces by writers who influenced the graffiti scene through their relation to this city - be it through frequent visits or a longer stay - even though not originally being from Hamburg.

For safety reasons, all illegal pieces remain untitled, except a few from the history section.

For all other pieces, artist and year are stated where known.
For pieces from outside of Hamburg, the location is specified as well.
For canvases, title, size (in centimeters) and technique (acrylics, spraypaint...) are specified where known.
As a rule, sketches remain untitled.

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