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The caption "Character" immediately calls for TROL. For years he's been continuously painting his fairy characters and mutants.
Countless murals show his painted background, alongside of styles sprayed by the others. But he also tries his letters.
Hamburg has a long tradition of characters. Not only CARTOONE or BLACK MAGIC as people of the old school represent this direction.

TROL: "As in most towns, in Hamburg style-writers prevail. Still there were some who took care of the characters. Also a few who did nothing but characters.
JASE and CAN TWO, both members of the legendary TDS Crew, are respected character sprayers, apart from their styles. JASE carried on the tradition of the B-Boy characters. CAN TWO, who is not from Hamburg, made trials with metal and chrome-effects

and had characters posing with baseball clubs and outsized guns.
Also writers from other towns left their characters in hamburg. The Munich boys LOOMIT and WON came to Hamburg at an early stage and painted the legendary purple butcher waggon at Kampnagel.

CAN TWO and LOOMIT continued to mark their presence in Hamburg over the years.
Since the end of the '80s the sprayer PANIK called attention to his activity in other parts of Hamburg.
Next to the shining styles of SKENA and HESH, he chased rats and phantasy creatures across the scenery. Much like nearly all character sprayers of his time, he worked with relatively few fill-in colours and black outline.
MIKEL of the UZI-Joke showed the Hamburg people the possibilites of the spray-can. Old style battle fields, meter-high robots with many metal and structural effects covered his walls, his preferences being in the underworld.
The Newcomer DAIM sprayed in the early '90s and obtained fame for his Tut-Ench-Amun mask in the overwhelming wholecar size and his perfect gold-effect.

The era of the large-surface graffiti, in the tradition of the Munich murals, was finally born.
The writers SIMO and PHANC of the IFM Crew took to fotorealism in the last years, by perfectioning the technique and plasticity through the usage of the stencil- cap, in order to increase the impact of their creations.
In the mid '90s MARCUS appeared in the graffitiscene, who came from the comic-scene and the pencil. However, her learned to master the spraycan quickly and gave birth to remarkable creatures in the shortest of times.
I should also mention the writers TASEK, EGO and OUCH in this place."


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