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Altona is not a person, not an illness, but the grooviest part of Hamburg town or in other, better words: thats where things move!
From tough-antisocial to cool and tolerant, that's what writing is about in Altona, which defines the topic: Writing In Altona.
Us Altonacs, Altonuts, Altoniggas or diggas love and fear this part of town. Altona is a town in the town with enormous power of affection.
Once A-Town, always A-Town, you understand digga??
Immense quantity of output in terms of style, here are the roots, here you feel the pulse of the styles. In those days: the TDS CREW, today: the ALTONA HOMIES CREW.
Old school painters like SKENA or HESH are a dogma to any Altona Homes. The new generation, however, burns the soul of any old Altona-crony. Where we old Altonas appear, the style burns and the girls scream. The breast of Altona never dries up for thirsty graffjunks.
Props to all those who paint the streets of Altona anew and put new clothes on all the Hall of Fames, and lay the cards to all the suckers. No need to explain where the Halls are, who is king or toy.
Come and convince yourself of the burning of this part of town.
"Come 2 Altona"!



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