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The stencill-cap:

The stencil is a help when painting, much like skinny or fat caps, with the difference that finer work is possible as compared to the latter.
There is no need for a stencil to obtain an authentical graffiti style, neither for a character, with fotorealism or comic-style. In order to have figures or portraits appear very lively, it is however necessary to spray the plastic characters in large surfaces to be able to finish them off finely with skinny caps in small and very small plastic details.
A stencil cap does not improve any painting, but allows to reduce the size. This means, if you do not have the large surface, high ladders and a large number of spray-cans for a large, perfect mural, the stencil cap can lead you to a perfect result at small scale.
My complicated pictures are distinguished by size related to others. The stencil cap enables me to realize perfect results on very limited space. There is always some small space left over in every Hall of Fame.
But you have to stand up to the comparison with airbrush design. Stencil lines still appear huge in comparison, but the decisive difference is that nothing else is used but a spray can and a changed cap.
The final idea is to distribute my name, with or without a stencil cap, like any other writers do.



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