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Hardcorewriting in Hamburg!

In the Summer of 1995 begins the third big Hit on the Hamburg Subway System. After the 'Hit' of RTA - and WES - crew it's time for other crews to varnish. Hardcore writing which in other words means to take every possibility to give them enough to buff.
The First Attack gonna be done from the DST-crew, heavily followed from the SN - and NM - crews.
A lot of Writers who were fallen asleep gonna get awake up call. In Hamburg it's gonna be the Writer again who controls the system, which it's going to be shown relevant in the weakness of the security. S - and U - Trains regularly being seen in different way a nightmare for our beloved population. T-2-B's covering the windows and on the north side the hard operating COS - crew showing there skillz in their best way.
A space problem is breaking out on the cars and the DB (German railway transportation) is powerless. The DB is wasting money their money with cleaning the trains in order to get us fallen into a resignation but cause's actually the opposite. The dog 'DB' is pissin in the wrong district and is being reminded throu the new panels and wholecars who the BIG BAD WOLF is!!
A lot of youngsters holding the system with motion -bombing under there control.
The Hamburg Frankfurt DBA - crew is being armed with a bunch of new names and a lot of others showing the names on the steel also our foreigner friends like to chill in districts of City of Hamburg.
The color flood is drowning the system. At the end of 1996 the wave of acrylic is being stopped by the massive appearance of officers in our outdoor homes. A couple of writers being chased and hunted so they escape into the underground and play lookey.
The northern COS - Crew is burning Hamburg City in premium quality with their Chief leader 'RAZOR'!
1997: Silence before the storm. New crews being formed BASF, 13er and KSD are about to chrome the S - train system, the evolution is taking his run.....




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