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When me and my crew started streetbombing, nothing much was happening in Hamburg in that direction.
RTA crew hadn't been active for a longer time, and there was nothing new to see from WHO.
There were several reasons why we started to specialize on streebombing: We found it too boring to go painting on the line, since everybody was doing it and pieces on the line weren't noticeable anymore because everything was bombed so completely.
We didn't want to cross, because we think only toys cross. Bombing trains was mega-in in Hamburg at the time (93/94), but we weren't really down for it because trains got buffed too quickly at the time. Contrary to the present day painting trains was much easier then bacause trainbombing had almost disappeared after RTA had stopped doing it.
We were doing trains at the time, but the buff robbed our motivation. We didn't want to take the risk just for a few photos.
Visiting Berlin and the growing positive feedback we got for our actions led to streetbombing being our main focus. It's a really good feeling to do a piece in a spot that gets seen by hundreds of cars and pedestrians per hour during daytime. Even at night you will probably be seen.
Since streetpieces get painted under extreme pressure, you'll have to do an unclean but complicated style, or do a clean but simple style. With time, your style automatically develops in a direction that allows you to do fast and complicated pieces. Generally, there are a few rules to follow for your own safety, especially in streetbombing. Most important is to know your abilities and never underestimate the cops.
Streetbombing is the best way to present your skills to as many writers as possible, since anyone spends more time on the streets than on rails or train stations.



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